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Key Features

Easy Mobile Access for Candidates

Candidates can access the AI video chat, tailored for each job position, on their mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.

Dive Deep with Follow-Up Questions

Our AI video interviewer asks candidates primary and follow-up questions about their experience and skills, revealing their true expertise.

AI-Generated Hiring Suggestions

After the video chat, we provide hiring suggestions and reports for each candidate, along with a shortlist of the most promising ones.

How We Work

Application Link Generation

DeepCruit's application link requires no resumes, no forms, and no assessment tests. Our AI crafts a tailored interview session based on your Job Description.

How We Work

Candidate Apply with AI Video Chat

Candidates engage in an interactive AI video interview. Our interviewer agent dives deeply into candidates' work experiences and skills, also offering role-specific simulation tests and behavioral questions.

How We Work

AI Hiring Suggestion and Report

Our AI provides hiring suggestions along with detailed reports, aiding HR or store managers in making swift, informed decisions.

How We Work

Seamless ATS Integration

We offer a lightweight ATS to track AI-interviewed candidates and shortlist the best. Alternatively, we can seamlessly integrate with any mainstream ATS system.

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