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Why choose us

What You'll Gain

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    Speed Up Hiring

    Use our AI behavior & role-play assessment to quickly find salespeople with the skills you need, leading to faster decision-making and lower hiring costs.

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    Screen on Skills

    Evaluate sales skills like communication, objection handling, and closing in a scientific way. Screen candidates based on their actual sales abilities, not just what's on resume.

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    Forecast for Sales Success

    Forecast candidate performance within your organization with increasing accuracy over time. The more you utilize our tool, the more precise our predictive analytics become.

Why choose us

Key Features

Role-play with AI Avatars

Engage in real-time interactive conversations with our advanced AI avatars, designed to simulate customer behavior accurately.

Highly Customizable Assessment

By analyzing your specific job descriptions and requirements, we create role-play scenarios tailored to each sales position you're hiring for.

Comprehensive Evaluation & Feedback

Get a full view of each candidate's abilities with our in-depth evaluations and instant feedback. Our analytics dive deep into each role-play scenario, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement on sales skills.

How We Work

Generate Customized Assessment Link

Tailored to your specific job role and requirements, we utilize AI to generate the necessary questions and modules for the assessment. Candidates can directly access and complete the assessment on the web through this link.

How We Work

Comprehensive Video Assessment

Our assessment encompasses an experience deep dive, role playing, behavioral and situational questions, among others.

How We Work

AI Scoring and Analysis

Leveraging AI, we evaluate the candidate's background, skills, sentiment, and fit for the role. This results in a score accompanied by a detailed analysis highlighting the candidate's strengths and pinpointing areas of concern.

How We Work

Seamless ATS Integration

We offer a lightweight ATS to track AI-interviewed candidates and shortlist the best. Alternatively, we can seamlessly integrate with any mainstream ATS system.

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